7. Prevent acne: Lifestyle edits

Meet the minor lifestyle changes making a major impact on your complexion.

Things to be mindful of in the bathroom

Apply SPF. 
Face forward into the sun feels good, but over time it dries out the skin, damages the follicles and can cause breakouts once the sun goes down. It can also darken those pesky acne scars. So, apply SPF rain, hail or shine. And save your skin from oxidative stress. Not to mention skin cancer.

Ice ice baby.
Try to avoid picking your face. We know it’s tempting. The next time you feel the urge, put your acne on ice instead. Gently circulating an ice block on your face can reduce inflammation and take away the pain. 

Clean your makeup brushes.
Makeup brushes – great for holding product, but also bacteria, skin cells and dust. Make sure to wash your used brushes at least once a week

No sweat after sweat.
Once your workout is complete, wash your face, hop in the shower and change into clean clothes. Sweat left unchecked can lead to body breakouts. 

Things to be mindful of with your laundry

Face each day with a fresh towel.
Use each side of your face towel once, and then grab a fresh one. We recommend using several wash cloths on a weekly rotation. 

Change your pillowcase.
The cooler side of the pillow? The clean one. Change your pillowcase often and aim to alternate the side you sleep on each night (i.e. one pillowcase over two nights).

Ditch the dryer sheets.
Dryer sheets can leave a waxy residue on clothes, pillowcases and towels which can lead to clogged pores. Cue breakout. Instead, opt for wool balls and leave the wax behind.

Pack well.
BYO pillowcase and face towels when traveling. This hack helps maintain your routine, while preventing potential laundry detergent triggers on the road.