The Skindex TM

Spot which ingredients may trigger your acne, so you can get clear and prevent future breakouts.

If you're acne prone, what you don’t put on your skin is just as important as what you do. The Skindex checks your product's ingredients against a list of over 150 potential pore cloggers and acne irritants.

Pore-loving ingredients? Cool. Comedogenic ones? Not cool.

 How to use The Skindex

Step 1. Copy the full ingredient list of the product you want to check. Make sure the ingredients are separated with a comma.
Step 2. Paste into the text box and hit submit.
Step 3. Any pore clogging suspects in your personal care products will be highlighted red.

Note: If a product you love has a potential pore clogger, but it's been working for you (not breaking you out) for over 6 months, consider yourself in the clear. By all means keep using it. To learn more about pore clogging ingredients, check out this article.

Copy & Paste Ingredients