Should you change your skincare routine based on seasons?

It’s so ingrained that you might not realize, but there are a lot of things you change about your behavior depending on the season. Differences in temperature, humidity and daylight hours call for different things! When it’s cold you wear more layers to keep yourself warm and eat heavier, hotter foods like soup and hot chocolate. In warm weather, you’re still wearing clothes and eating food, but you’re opting for lighter layers, breezier fabrics and cold, refreshing drinks. You make these changes because the environment around you changes, so it only makes sense that the needs of your skin may change, too. And, like clothing and food preferences, these changes depend on the person.

Remember that consistency is key and it’s important not to overwhelm your skin with an entire new product line up. Luckily, swapping cleansers and moisturizers are less likely to cause irritation and are the most common changes to make for the weather. Not everyone needs to change their routine with the seasons, but here are some things to consider:

In colder months, you may want to use a creamy or milky cleanser or a very gentle gel based hydrating cleanser like our Soothe Operator to leave your skin with some added hydration. When it’s warm, a gel-based or lightly foaming cleanser will be more effective than a creamy or milky cleanser at breaking down oil and sweat. If you’re not already double cleansing, summer months may be a good time to add that in, especially if you are reapplying lots of sunscreen. Regardless, your cleanser should always leave your skin feeling clean, but not stripped, so continue using your same cleanser year round if it’s working for you! 

Following similar logic, thicker creams and occlusives can provide additional benefits to repair and replenish dry, dehydrated winter skin. As the weather gets warmer, lightweight lotions and gels are less likely to clog pores and will feel more pleasant. You may find that you need to use both moisturizer and sunscreen in the winter, but just sunscreen is enough for summer. Essences and mists are a great way to add in additional lightweight layers of hydration without feeling heavy.

Colder months are also a great time to get out your humidifier! In addition to low temperatures outside, the indoor artificial heating sucks moisture out of the air, making it even harder for your skin to retain water. Sleeping with a humidifier will keep your skin happy and hydrated overnight. 

If you decide to try adjusting your products for the season, do it slowly and intentionally. Try one swap at a time and listen to your skin. As long as it still feels hydrated and nourished, you’re doing great.